Michael Phelps Swim Goggles – What to Expect

Ted Snyder / May 11, 2018

Today, swim goggles have become indispensable in the fact that swimmers cannot venture into the sport whether for leisure or otherwise without this protective gear. Perhaps this is because swim goggles mark the shift from a leisure swimmer to a professional swimmer. Swim goggles are important to swimmers for two reasons. First, swimming goggles help swimmers to see well when under water. Second, swim goggles are a protective gear that prevents eye irritation. As a result, without swim goggles it visibility in the water will be a challenge. Additionally, we may not have time to stop and rub our eyes. The importance of swim goggles cannot be overstated. However, selecting the right type of swim goggles is as important to the ultimate swimming experience whether you are doing it for leisure or competition.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is a brand known for superb swimming items including swim goggles. Michael Phelps offers two leading brands under its name namely K180 and Exceed. In this article I will discuss two swim goggles categories offered under the Michael Phelps brand. First of all it is paramount to note that majority of Michael Phelps swim goggles have similar features. For instance, all K180 and XCEED swim goggles utilize the Exo-Core technology, which combines two materials to offer the user maximum comfort. The K180 and XCEED swim goggles also have a body lens shape, which makes them water tight. The XCEED and K180 swim goggles also spot curved lens supplemented by an integrated strap that maximizes hydrodynamics. The head strap on all K180 and XCEED swim goggles are also easy to adjust. Furthermore K180 and XCEED swim goggles provide the swimmer high level of UV protection.


There are two specifically eye catching swim goggles namely Aqua Sphere Michael Phelps K180, and Michael Phelps MPS XCEED Goggle Titanium mirror lens. The K180 comes in three versions Aqua Sphere K180, K180 women and K180+ women. They characteristically have asymmetrical designed and are design to fit with the face line thus fitting properly. They also provide a broader view. Michael Phelps K180 goggles are customizable to any color and the swim has the opportunity to choose their desired color. Swim goggles in this category have a price range of $12-$17 on Amazon.


The XCEED swim goggles from Michael Phelps comes in two versions namely, Michael Phelps MPS XCEED Goggle Titanium Mirrored Lens and the MP Michael Phelps Women’s XCEED Swim Goggles. Like their counterpart in category K180, these swim goggles have a superb design, perfect facial fit and have anti-fog lenses. These swim goggles also feature a flexible nose bridges and silicone straps. The cost of swim goggles in this category range from $15.41-24.87 on Amazon.

Finally, armed with the above information, swimming enthusiasts should get out there and get this special piece of swimming equipment. As you can see, the prices are quite moderate in relation to the features Michael Phelps swim goggles provides the users, which include beautiful design, high quality vision, and hydrodynamics. We can argue that Michael Phelps swim goggles are designed for the ultimate swimming experience.