Do you really need a leaf blower around your house?

Ted Snyder / January 13, 2019

We now live in a world were technology controls our everyday basic life routines. Everything we do now has technology at the roots of it. We now rely on technology so significantly that our lives became so work-free, from washing to cooking to transportation, everything is possessed by the everlasting technology.

One of the most innovative inventions in our modern world is the leaf blower. Sometimes called the blower, is one of the many gardening tools used to remove debris like fallen leaves and grass remains by propelling forced air out of a nozzle. Leaf blowers are available in two types; electric powered or the traditional gasoline one. That being said, the blowers got some advantages as well as drawbacks and here they are:

The Pros

  • Time Saver

Enormous amount of time is spent on raking up leaves and it can be energy-consuming. With the help of a leaf blower, the process is made much simpler and quicker and you’ll dispose leaves in no time.

  • Multi-Purpose

Not only does it get rid of leaves, it can also blow snow during the winter season. This cuts a lot of time especially if the snow is not too thick and can help you clear your driveway rapidly.

  • Easy To Use

In addition to saving time, it is pretty much easy to operate. Best thing about it is that it needs to be only held in a particular direction and it’ll blow automatically when you turn it on avoiding all the physical work

  • Prevents Back Pai

One mesmerizing feature about them is that it prevents you from bending your back while raking leaves. Staying in a bent over position can be really painful and end up giving back aches to the person so it’s good for your health.

Looking at the other side of the coin, there is also a bad side in using these machines. Here are some:

The Cons

  • Cost

When putting this machine into a little comparison with simple tools like a rake for instance, you’ll find that the price of a blower is undoubtedly higher. Although some blowers can be around 30 dollars but they definitely be of low quality and may get broken soon. A high quality one would cost up to a couple hundred dollars.

  • Loudness

When turned on, a leaf blower can be so noisy and irritating especially if you own an old-fashioned gas blower. This can be quite annoying to neighbors and moreover can disturb birds and other little wildlife creatures.

  • Requires Maintenance

This device with all its advantages requires constant clean ups in order to keep working efficiently. Its filters needs to be regularly changed and cleansed as well as the fan blades.

  • Weight

Unlike a rake, a blower can really be heavy to carry. Yes it saves you from bending your back but it otherwise requires arm strength to be carried for a decent period of time.

In a nutshell, it’s advisable to have a leaf blower around as it can be much useful during autumn season and saves you a lot of manual work.