3 things you need to throw an unforgettable house party

Ted Snyder / January 1, 2020

Turning into a master of partying is no easy feat. You need to know the right people, have the right house, and know how to make people turn up and have a great time. There are many factors involved in organizing a legendary party, but one of the most prominent aspects that most people take for granted is music. The night won’t be as epic as it can be if it isn’t accompanied by the perfect music. However, the music itself is only one aspect of it, because of course you need to have some awesome equipment to make sure you play it right. Here we will go over 3 pieces of gear you need to take your party to the next level.

DJ setup

A DJ setup is made up by different kinds of equipment, but it will definitely mark a before and after in your parties. You need someone who knows how to get the most out of it, but you can easily learn how to do it yourself if you put enough effort into it. Ideally, your setup should be made up of a computer and a controller. The best DJ controller you can find will probably integrate lots of equipment that otherwise you would have to buy separately, like turntables, mixers, and sampling controllers. Of course, you will also need a good pair of noise-canceling headphones if you want to be able to hear your mix on top of the noise of the crowd.

Sound system

All things music in your party require that the people in attendance are able to hear it anywhere they are, and that they are able to hear it well. If your party venue is large enough, then you need a sound system powerful enough to set the mood properly and reach guests in every corner of the venue. Large speakers and sound woofers should be distributed evenly throughout the house or gathering place, in a way that they can complement each other and not be too loud or too weak on any given occasion. Be mindful of the acoustics of the space, sometimes less is more and you can reach the perfect spot to create the desired

Karaoke machine

A karaoke machine is a different approach to party music. Instead of playing sets or mixing playlists on the spot, you can become part of the music you are playing by singing along with a karaoke machine for home use or commercial use. You should look for a machine that has a LED display in case you don’t have a TV, but ideally you want a monitor big enough to keep the attention of your partygoers. On top of that, make sure that the machine supports different storage devices, so you can load your tracks from both CDs and optical drives like external HDDs and SD cards. Keep in mind that more people might want to join the fun, so you also need a machine that can handle two or more microphones at the same time.

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